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Angulus – the world’s first irregular LED display to create 3D shapes

Angulus: Triangular and trapezoidal LED modules custom-made

Specially made LED modules to shape anything in your mind

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Special protection for extraordinary quality

In collaboration with artists and designers, we have elaborately developed the world’s first irregular LED display to create physical 3D dimensions. Angulus, based on triangular and trapezoidal LED modules presents itself with captivating shapes that give a strong visual impact by combining entertainment and futuristic concepts.

Angulus is specially designed for venues open to the public and passageways, such as night clubs, discos, lounges, museums etc. of unique quality, combining spatial eccentricity and visual appeal. With the variability of video contents, magical sensations are there for everybody to enjoy.

Technical Highlights

  • Special 3D design.
  • Light and easy to install LED tiles
  • Access for front maintenance
  • Design designed for architectural and creative applications
  • Designed for quick replacement of components
  • Optional: Water resistant & Dust proof (IP40/20)
  • Resistant to normal small involuntary hits/shocks (people passing by)


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