APEX – Outdoor LED shop signs

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The world of LED signs is changed!

Apex, LED displays used for shop signs, are specially designed to replace neon and back-lit signs, with dynamic contents visible under sunlight, 24/7, at an affordable cost.

Robust, water and dust proof, easy to install and maintain from the front, these LED signs can be controlled locally from the shop or remotely from any PC.

Compared to other series by MacroPix, Apex is based on a simple design to minimize the investment, without compromising picture quality though.

Key Product Features

  • Simple, lean design for quick and easy installation.
  • SMD type LEDs for high brightness, color uniformity and contrast.
  • Access for maintenance from front.
  • It can be mounted to any outdoor wall.
  • Wireless content transfer via App ( Android & iOS) from tablet or cellphone.

Product Properties

  • CE Certification.
  • 4 fans for each cabinet.
  • Sun and water protection mask.
  • High contrast SMD LEDs.
  • Unexposed wiring.
  • Replacement of modules without screws.
  • Light and thin cabinet design.
  • Remote monitoring of LED display’s status.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment.

Technical Highlights

  • Available in 5.95 and 7.91 pixel pitches.
  • 1000x500mm ( width by height) standard cabinet dimensions.
  • Over 6000 Nit Brigthness
  • Less than 45 kg weight per square meter
  • High contrast SMD type LEDs
  • Average power consumption less than 250W per square meter.
  • -20° + 45° operating temperature

LED Tiles

LP Series Introduction2017.8.25

Cabinet dimentions


Outdoor Application Illustrations