TABULA – Dance floor LED displays

Tabula: LED displays to walk on.

It withstands up to 2000 kg / m2, lightweight design, easy to install.

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LED display floor standing

Tabula series stands out for its peculiarity of use as floor led display. Video screens can now be walked on. With IP65 waterproof design front and rear, it guarantees maximum safety and stability even for prolonged use. A perfect vision from any angle allows the audience to enjoy the charm of this modern technology. The coverings with LED modules are fixed by magnets, significantly reducing maintenance time, they can easily be replaced within 3 seconds.

Tabula also excels in the load-bearing performance, its capacity is greater than 2,000 kg / m2, therefore, it can also stand the weight of a car or a large number of people. Tabula is also available in interactive / capacitive version. With its 16 contact points in each module, the response time is reduced to less than 0.01 seconds. 

Key Product Features

  • Adjustable stabilising feet height 75 – 90 mm
  • Light and easy to install LED tiles
  • Access for front maintenance
  • Designed for architectural and creative applications 
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Water resistant & Dust proof (IP65) 
  • Resistant to very strong hits/shocks

Technical Highlights

  • 3.9, 5.8 mm real distance between the pixels
  • Standard module sizes 500×500 mm
  • 0 ° + 45 ° operating temperature
  • Brightness> 1000 NIT
  • High contrast SMD LED
  • Average consumption 300 W per square meter

Indoor Application Illustrations

Led Module 25x25cm

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