FlexilisVitrum – Flexible, adhesive and transparent LED displays

Flexilis Vitrum: Transparent LED display stickers for a spectacular revolution!

Revolutionary installation for flexible and adhesive led display modules, like stickers for the glass, keeping the view from the inside outwards and vice versa.

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Transparent LED display stickers for showcase

FLEXILIS-VITRUM series, apart from being flexible and transparent, it is also capable of displaying the content against strong bright sunlight. The content remains visible thanks to high-brightness LEDs. This series is based on an unique and innovative design, light, modular, easy to install wherever you want to create spectacular installations also with curved shapes on glass. The beauty is that you can see-trough the screen and create amazing floating visual content.

Its greatest peculiarity is that it can be stuck to the glass just like a sticker. The vertical pixel pitch between the led strips is wider to ensure the transparency, while horizontal pixels is narrower to obtain a suitable definition to play high quality files even at a close distance. It is recommended to have a black (in other words blank) content background to get the most from the technology. These series of transparent products are innovative and special to create unique visual effects. It is not for ordinary, common use. When applied in a creative manner and used in a proper way, it is spectacular like no other.

Key Product Features

Simple and slim design for quick installation.
Transparent LED display that does not block what is behind the screen.
All-in-one cabinet.
High brightness LEDs for visibility even against direct sun-light.
Access for maintenance from rear.
LEDs fixed on strips to create transparency.

Technical Highlights

Transparent LED tiles.

Easy to stick on glass window from behind.

Automatic brightness control.
Available in various pixel pitches.
Up to 5000 NIT brightness.
Increased transparency rate based on the pixel pitch.

Indoor Application Illustrations

Led Module 25x25cm

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