Habilis – Versatile Led Screen for outdoor

Habilis: Led display panels for outdoor events or fixed installations with high visual impact

LED display panels for outdoor big events or fixed installations with high visual impact.

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An exceptional visual impact for great digital communication.

Habilis is a combination of our products Mobilis and Signum series. Thanks to the tight pitch options, high definition screens can be obtained even with relatively small dimensions.

The cabinets are light, simple and quick to move and install, with totally front and / or rear maintenance, therefore they can be installed on the wall as well as on the pole, scaffolding or roof for high impact outdoor advertising and digital communication.

The data and electrical wiring is external, with high quality connectors for maximum resistance; the LED tiles are totally sealed  to avoid any infiltration of water, condensation or corrosion.

Key Product Features

  • Ultra simple design for quick and easy installation
  • Reliable product for a safe and quick return on investment
  • Die-cast modules for lightness and easy support
  • High quality SMD LEDs for maximum brightness, uniformity and contrast
  • Various resolutions available on the basis of the same mechanics
  • Front or rear maintenance



Internal connection of all wiring for a clean and reliable profile.


Calibration data stored on the card. The connections of the card, data and power supply are done without cables.


Easy maintenance and installation thanks to the handles on each card.

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