Indoor Led Screens for airports ports stations

Indoor LED displays for airports, ports, stations

Stations, ports and airports are frequented by a very coveted target for advertising. For this reason, they are the ideal place to install high impact and dynamic digital video solutions.

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Screens for airport, port and station Macropix

Airports, ports and stations are the ideal place to install Ledwall screens, including large ones, with great impact and dynamism. In fact, it is possible to create a program characterized by moving images and, thanks to a connection, it is possible to update the programming remotely. All led displays for stations and airports have been designed to be visible and functional, in any climatic condition.

LedWall features for airports, ports and stations

The transparency of the LED walls adjusts independently to the environmental conditions, impeccable visibility both day and night. Modern communication provides a significant reduction in management costs, unnecessary printing, elimination of reliability control groups, elimination of content, etc. The content, the duration of each individual spot, selected by remote programming (daily, weekly or monthly) in real time.

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