Led display software

Led display software and controller

The right content and performing software can enhance the quality of the LED displays. The software dedicated to Led Displays, in fact, is an essential element of differentiation for use in each and every application, be it advertising, sports, entertainment or public information.

To date, Macropix’s expert software team has developed three software programs that guarantee the correct operation of the LED screen:
- Curator for the management of brightness and diagnostics of the LED screen;
- Omnibus used for the reproduction of multimedia files and a complex program scheduling
- Agon that allows you to manage one or more LED screens in sports business

How does the Led Display software work?

“OMNIBUS” is the Macropix software for Digital Signage used for playing multimedia files. It is versatile, intuitive and constantly evolving, suitable for meeting all needs for LED and LCD installations. Let’s see some of the main functions.

What are the features of the software?

The software, designed and built internally by Macropix, has several functions that allow you to better manage the led walls even remotely such as: easy loading of contents, programming of video and text contributions during the year-month-week-day, partition of the video window, brightness adjustment and control of electricity consumption with a view to energy saving and reduction of light pollution, diagnostics and sending configurations.

Loading content

Content programming

Thanks to the “Scheduling” function, it is possible to schedule content in advance for future events. For example, schedule videos for opening / closing a shop. In the image above we can see in detail the 3 scheduling windows: Date range: start/end date setting Recurrence: setting the weekly recurrence Time interval: setting the time interval

Layout setting

The layout element allows you to play multiple elements in parallel and to partition the video window. Once the layout has been created, the List elements are inserted, one for each partition, setting the desired area. The media are inserted within each List. The contents will be played simultaneously while maintaining synchronization. The number of maximum partitions depends on the PC on which Omnibus is installed, a processor and a performing graphics card allow a greater number of processes.

Digital control of the LED screen

A section of the OMNIBUS is dedicated to checking the status of each player connected online. It is possible to modify the content and scheduling. It is also possible to receive additional information, such as: log files, system specifications, brightness etc. The software allows, with the “Led Power Measure” function, to also control the impact on energy consumption of the LED display. Date range: start/end date setting Recurrence: setting the weekly recurrence Time interval: setting the time interval

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