Led Information Panels

Led Information Panels

LED information panels a simple and effective means of real time public communication

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What are LED information panels?


The LED information panels are a simple and effective means of giving information in real time and thus improving communication between the citizen and the administration. But not only. They can also be used externally and inside airports, ports and stations, as well as in museums and theaters.

What are LED information panels for?

The LED information panels can offer an extremely valid and highly efficient and visible service. The messages can be scrolling or fixed, consisting of logos, images and videos.

Characteristics of the LED information panels

There are various models of this product with different characteristics. The all-in-one models are ready for use, the models that can be customized in height and width can meet the needs of spaces and custom dimensions. They can be positioned outdoors or indoors, as needed, as they are able to counteract sunlight thanks to the high brightness.


Display with visibility
in all light conditions


Display with
close-range visibility


Display da esterno
ad alta resistenza

Informative led panel

Assembly and Management of informative LED panel

The assembly of an informative panel is certainly more complex than other installations. In fact, it requires various permits, municipal and non-municipal, depending on its location, such as a road in a public area or even in a shared area. On the other hand, installations in public places such as museums and theaters are more streamlined.

Reproduction and content management of Led information panel

The goal of an LED information panel is certainly to attract the attention of passersby in giving information. This is why the quality of the message, video or image, in terms of image definition, colors, contrasts and size of the texts, plays a very important role. The LED information panels must be equipped with an internet connection for remote control. Depending on the application, sports or advertising, the screen is equipped with a dedicated software with which it is possible to perform many functions: display of advertising, public information, live video etc.

Rental of led information panel

Informative panel can be rented for a long – medium – or short term for multiple needs: extraordinary events, small exhibition stands and much more.

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How much does an LED information panel cost?

The price of led screen varies depending on the size, the model and therefore the resolution of the display, particularly on the pitch i. e. the distance between one RGB pixel and the most adjacent. Each product can be customized to meet any technical and budgetary requirements. Let’s say that an LED screen with “standard” characteristics starts from a price per square meter of 1,500 euros.