Led Screens for Outdoor Totems and Kiosks

Led Screen For Outdoor Totems & Kiosks

The LED screen, in addition to  innumerable applications, can also be installed as a totem,
kiosk or directlyoutside to digitize the standard paper notice boards.


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Where can you install a Kiosk?

The LED screen can also be installed as a totem, kiosk or directly outside to digitize the standard paper notice boards. In all places with high attendance such as the city center, squares, sports facilities, parishes, public entities our LED displays can be present by communicating to citizens in real time and getting them involved in a virtuous cycle of daily information on all news of public interest, such as: initiatives and events, council activities, office opening hours, waste sorting, etc.

Thanks to the use of the latest generation LED displays, the information is clearly displayed and can be read even from a distance, in any weather conditions.

Characteristics of Kiosk

The brightness of the LED displays automatically adapts to the environmental conditions, allowing a perfect reading both day and night and capturing the attention of citizens. It is a dynamic medium with a strong impact that allows direct communication with the citizens. Digital communication allows the total abatement of management costs, does not require printing, billposting-control-removal-disposal teams, etc. The architecture and design of the structures can be adapted to any context.

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