Mobilis – modular LED displays for outdoor events

Mobilis: Modular LED displays for outdoor events

Digital comunication and visual entertaiment with top quality modular led displays for outdoor events like trade road shows, concerts, live sports, conventions and anywhere there is big audience

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High-Definition Indoor Temporary and Fixed Installation LED Display

Mobilis is used for portable temporary applications outdoor. The product is available in two cabinet versions: 50x50cm or 50x100cm

The access to the cabinet is from rear and/or front giving the advantage to make different types of installations with one single cabinet type. Furthermore its special design make inner and outer curved shapes up to 5 degrees possible. Side locks and fly bars allow for very fast and easy mounting.

Mobilis has been the breakthrough product for the installation of indoor LED displays from 3.9 mm pixel pitch in any size up to HD ready, full-HD, 4K and even 8K definitions.

Key Product Features

  • Simple, lean design for quick installation.
  • Aliminum, light-weight easy to handle cabinets.
  • Slim design.
  • Access for maintenance in both ways from front and rear.
  • Electronic components and wiring installed in special protective section of the cabinet.
  • Designed for fast access to screen to replace components

Technical Highlights

  • Pixel pitches from 3.9 mm for any viewing distance
  • Over 5000 nit Brigthness
  • Less than 26 kg weight per square meter
  • SMD 1921 type LEDs for high contrast
  • 160W average power consumption per square meter
  • 8.5 cm cabinet thickness

Indoor Application Illustrations

Led Module 25x25cm

Cabinet Dimensions

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