Outdoor LedWall

Led displays are large format screens based on LED technology composed of several cabinets capable of reproducing static pictures or any video formats seamlessly as if it was the big monitor of a PC.



What is an outdoor Led Display and what is it for?

Outdoor led screens are special luminous devices that are spreading more and more around the cities as innovative and high-tech means of digital communication. They are formed by three-color LEDs, the so-called RGB, to play any type of static or moving picture.

What characteristics should an outdoor Led Wall have?

The peculiarity of the outdoor led screens by Macropix is to be visible and functional in any exposure and climatic conditions, even the most hostile. The reproduced images can be seen in daylight or in the dark, from sunrise to sunset even in strong direct sunlight or at night without glare effects. Thanks to their flexibility, they can reach large dimensions and cover entire buildings, be integrated into a scaffolding, installed on poles, roof-tops, walls.

They are visible both at great distance, thanks to the size, but also at very close distances, thanks to the pitch or to the pixel distance which can now be less than 2.6 mm (no pixels visible at less than 3 meters). Best selling models are 3.9, 4.4, 5.7, 6.6 and 10 mm pixel pitches to meet any technical and budgetary requirements.

These features make the LED video walls adaptable to any type of use: from advertising to entertainment, from communication to information, a revolution in the world of media.


Display with visibility in all light conditions


Display with visibility at any distance


High resistance LED displays up to IP68

Our best outdoor Led Displays

The best Led Wall Outdoor from Macropix

Led moduli esterno palazzo


Heavy-duty high brightness power saving LED displays for any outdoor environment

LedWall modulo copertina


Led Display for pitch side perimetrical advertising digital boards in sports hall and arena.

LedWall Screenshot alle


Led Display for pitch side perimetrical advertising digital boards in sports hall and arena.


Digital comunication and visual entertaiment with top quality modular led displays for outdoor events like trade road shows and concerts



Assembly and management of outdoor Led Displays

The installation of a giant LED screen is certainly more complex than other installations. In fact it requires various municipal and non-municipal permits, depending on its location such as streets, roofs, building facades or even in private area. It also requires non-trivial mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, which requires great experience in the sector.

Outdoor Led Video Wall mounting

Macropix has highly qualified staff that allows you to see your screen installed & tested and put into functioning within fast timing. In just a few days the screen is assembled, tested and turned on in its final composition.

How to control an outdoor Led Display remotely?

The outdoor led screens must be equipped with internet connection for remote control. Depending on the application, sports or advertising, the screen is managed by dedicated software with which it is possible to perform several functions: display of advertising, public information, live video, scoreboards, programming of ad hoc programme schedules, ignition and power off, brightness adjustment etc.

How to manage advertising on an outdoor led display?

The goal of an external advertising giant screen is certainly to attract the attention of passers-by. This is why the quality of the message, video or image, in terms of definition, colors, contrasts and size of the texts, plays a very important role.Per questo gioca un ruolo molto importante la qualità del messaggio, video o immagine che sia, in termini di definizione delle immagini, colori, contrasti e dimensione dei testi.

LED screen for rental & staging

Large Format LED screens for rental & staging use. For an innovative communication to entertain or amaze your audience during an event, the choice of a LED screen can be the winning key. We have several models that allow you to set up a small or large scenography giving space to creativity thanks to the possibility to use refined shapes such as circular, concave or convex, oblique cuts and even curved.

LedWall da esterno Liberty

How much does an outdoor led display cost?

The price of an outdoor led display varies depending on the size, the model and therefore the resolution of the screen, particularly on the pitch i. e. the distance between one RGB pixel and the most adjacent. Each product can be customized to meet any technical and budgetary requirements. Let’s say that an LED display with “standard” characteristics starts from a price per square meter of 1,500 euros.