Poster – A Game Changer in Outdoor Digital Signage

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The POSTER series of full-color, outdoor display systems incorporates a revolutionary, patent pending, low-profile design that features the latest in high brightness LED display technology.

The energy efficient, modular configuration, with special moulding for IP65 back-front and integrated cabling is designed to be easily installed on virtually any surface and provide high levels of outdoor performance, for different customers with any type of digital content, at an affordable cost.

The high hollow rate with back light barrier allows for maximum wind load reduction and heat dissipation without compromising contrast. Structural costs are minimized and lifetime, reliability maximized.

Key Product Features

  • Light-weight, back-frame, low energy usage,
  • reduced wind load, fanless
  • The modular kit design provides flexibility in assembly in-shop or out on site
  • 10mm, 16mm, which are typically used for most mainstream signs
  • You can configure Virtually limitless based on panel size

Product Properties

  • Customer-driven product design for outdoor billboard and commercial signage applications
  • Key Objectives of the Design
  • Ultra Simple for Easy Installation
  • Ultra Reliable for Low-Cost of Maintenance
  • Ultra Affordable for Short ROI
  • High-performance for Best Ad Sales
  • Long lifetime for Safest ROI
  • Leverage the Mesh LED display architecture to create a “digital overlay” for an existing structure or surface
  • Remote Control and Monitoring
  • 24/7 use in any environmental conditions

Technical Highlights

  • Pixel pitches 10.00 and 16.00 mm
  • 7000 Nit Brigthness
  • Time-proven stability, high Ingress Protection
  • Light weight product
  • 1920Hz of refresh rate and pixel perfect

Dimensions Cabinet

Wind-Through & Heat Out

Outdoor Application Illustrations