FLEXILIS – Flexible Indoor LED Displays for inner and outer curves

Flexilis: Highlight curved shapes with flexible LED displays.

Magnetic LED modules for digital pictures in outer and inner curvatures.

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Indoor Flexible LED Display in Any Shape You can Imagine

Flexilis is the indoor LED display solution for installations that have challenging shape requirements. Practically Flexilis can be custom designed for any shape. The product can be made in waves, cylinders, as a convex or concave video screen with a minimum diameter of 1.2 m.

The fixing structure is made specially for each project and the flexible LED modules are implemented on that special structure. Available in various pixel pitches: 2.6mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm, Flexilis can be used to play videos and images in high definitions and meet any budgetary requirements.

Shops, shopping malls, airports, stations, TV studios can now cover any space, including columns and pillars, with spectacular screens.

Key Product Features

  • Magnetic Concave & Convex Flexible LED modules fixed on special structure made for each project
  • Easy and fast replacement of LED modules
  • Various pixel pitches for any budget requirement
  • Any shape and dimension is possible
  • The product can be controlled from remote

Technical Highlights

  • Pixel pitch 2.6 mm, 4 mm, 6mm and 10 mm.
  • No angular restrictions can be curved till 360°.
  • Over 1000 nit Brigthness.
  • Less than 26 kg weight per square meter.
  • SMD type LEDs for viewing content from close distance.

Indoor Application Illustrations

Led Module 25x25cm

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