SOLARIS – outdoor Led displays for extreme conditions

Solaris: High-performance outdoor LED screen

On the seaside, up in the mountains, or in the desert, Solaris is designed to perform at best in terms of reliability, durability, visibility, better than any other type of outdoor LED displays

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Suitable for any, even extreme, weather conditions, fully weather proof.

Solaris is designed to overcome the most challenging climatic conditions encountered in specific outdoor locations such as extreme heat, strong UV, dust storms, heavy rains, maritime winds and snowy weather. At the same time it offers pixel pitches in a wide range down to 4 mm for high definition digital advertising.

High temperature and exposure to sunlight do not affect the performance of Solaris at all. Commonly most of the products installed in dry and hot regions of the world require air conditioners, Solaris operates perfectly in those environments without A/C. IP68 back and front LED modules prevent from any corrosion, condensation, infiltration so Solaris can be used even in the dumpest and most extreme weather conditions.

LEDs used on Solaris are specifically designed for this series. Apart from guaranteeing a brightness maximum output of the screen over 7000 NIT, 1818 and 2323 sizes also guarantee unmatchable contrast ratio.

Key Product Features

  • Simple, lean design for quick and easy installation.
  • Aliminum sealed modules.
  • Fanless cabinets.
  • Resistent against water and ultra-violet sun rays.
  • Competitive product price.
  • SMD type LEDs for high brightness, color uniformity and contrast.
  • Electronic components and wiring installed in special protective section of the cabinet.
  • Access for maintenance in from front or rear.
  • Suitable for any climate condition.

Product Properties

  • Optional power saving feature ( 30% – 35% less).
  • IP68 both front and rear LED module.
  • Heat Dissipating Aluminum material.
  • Fanless cabinet design.
  • Seamless screen without lines.
  • Unexposed wiring for electronic system protection.
  • Suitable for any type of weather condition.
  • High brightness SMD LEDs.
  • Protective LED tile mask.
  • Heat monitoring of the cabinet.


Cabinet Dimensions

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