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Digital billboards

Dynamic advertising for best brand promotion to targeted audience downtown. LED screens are installed as digital billboards on façades or scaffoldings in the premium locations to deliver high-impact messages

Customized prices for advertising LED walls on scaffolding

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What are led signs and what are they for?

Led advertising signs can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, up to 100,000 hours. They are perfectly visible even in direct sunlight while at night, by lowering the brightness, they do not lose image quality. The LED billboards, which can be installed on the blind walls, façades of buildings but also on the scaffolding of buildings under renovation, are ideal for giving voice to brands as well as giving information to citizens.

Characteristics of led advertising billboards?

The peculiarity of the LED advertising billboards, produced by Macropix, is to be visible and functional, in any exposure and climatic conditions, even the most hostile. The reproduced images can be seen in daylight or in the dark, during the day even in strong direct sunlight or at night without glare. Thanks to their flexibility, they can reach large dimensions and cover entire buildings as they can be integrated into a scaffolding.

They are visible both at great distances, thanks to the size, but also at very close distances thanks to the pitch or to the pixel distance which can now be 2.6 mm (no pixel visible less than 3 meters).

These features make led billboards adaptable to any type of use: from advertising to entertainment, from communication to information, considerably revolutionizing the world of media.

Installation and Control of a LED Screen

The installation of a giant LED screen is certainly more complex than other installations. In fact it requires various municipal and non-municipal permits, depending on its location such as streets, roofs, building facades or even in private area. It also requires non-trivial mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, which is based on long experience in the sector.

Rental led advertising billboards

Renting an led advertising billboard is the ideal investment for a communication capable of reaching the public directly through the streets of the city. We have several models capable of withstanding torrid temperatures in summer and rigid in winter. They are not afraid of snow, frost and sun rays. Ideal for covering facades of buildings or temporary scaffolding for a long or medium period.

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How much does an outdoor digital billboard cost?

The price of an outdoor led display varies depending on the size, the model and therefore the resolution of the screen, particularly on the pitch i. e. the distance between one RGB pixel and the most adjacent. Each product can be customized to meet any technical and budgetary requirements. Let’s say that an LED display with “standard” characteristics starts from a price per square meter of 1,500 euros.