Installation and assembly of an led display

The assembly of an LED screen requires, when it comes to outdoor screens, various municipal and non-municipal permits, depending on its location such as the street, roof, facade of a building, or even in a shared area or in a private area. It also requires non-trivial mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, which requires great experience in the sector. Different is the installation and assembly of self-supporting screens for which, once positioned in the chosen area, just insert the plug into an outlet.

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How to install LED displays


For a correct and quick installation, follow the steps that follow well-defined protocols in full respect of the safety of people, in case of installations on facades or roofs, but also of protection of the product itself.

1. Unpacking and handling

During the unpacking process the LED cabinets must be handled with care to avoid any damage. In this phase, care must be taken not to drag or hit the modules that make up the display. Particular attention must be paid to the LEDs located on the corners and sides of the plates, avoiding any blow in those areas.

2. Positioning and mounting of LED display

To start mounting the screen, the modules must be placed next to each other. The cabinets have, in the upper and lateral parts, anchoring mechanisms that allow for connections both horizontally and vertically.

3. Wiring

The data wiring process must follow a zigzag order between the cabinets, always starting from the one located at the bottom left. The modules are then connected to the data in and data out port. Thanks to our system software we can verify the correct wiring of the entire screen with simple tests. Finally follows the color calibration and brightness setting.

4. Power supply

Power wiring is easy to complete thanks to the professional connectors integrated in the screen.

For installations on the wall, on walls or in any case without the possibility of rear access, products designed for front maintenance are used. This allows a quick intervention and allows to install a led screen also in particular positions. 

Mobile or transportable LED displays are particularly recommended when you need to move inside your shop or for a change of position between the shop windows, during a trade fair event or, again, in a television studio.

These are products normally used on scaffolding for a shorter or longer time. They can cover an entire wall since they know no size limits.

Personalized prices for Outdoor LedWalls. Contact us!

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