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Sales & Marketing

Macropix is dedicated to the final assembly of components and testing of the full LED screen once it has been completed.  The result is a top quality, guaranteed and certified product, result of the passionate work by a team with multi-year experience in the same business.

Manufacturing partners and component suppliers are selected carefully on a project-by-project basis and always kept under strict control over the entire process.

From the headquarters in Milan, Italy, displays are traded all around the world, with the contribution of a wide network of resellers, agents and technical support centres.

Leasing and Retail

With the support of commercial ( and financial partners, , products may be offered in leasing or long-term rentals with purchase option, and, subject to product availability, also rented for shorter periods of time at specific events or simply to test product quality in the view of buying it later on. In this way clients do not have to challenge themselves with an immediate expense for the screen, that might be of big amount for large sizes or high resolutions, but can pay in monthly or longer installments – the investment and its return are more accessible and safer. Plans and offers are always supplied on a project-by-project basis.

The right content and a powerful software can enhance the quality of the LED displays

Hardware e Software

The technology behind the product is proprietary and trademarked. Electronic control systems are specially designed and selected for the use in each and every application. The software including features like remote monitoring and calibration, down to the pixel level, is available in different configurations and always customisable.

The difference can be seen immediately and time after time. Macropix invest a lot of resources to provide to the market superior displays at a competitive price; harware and software are essential elements of this process of differentiation and distinctiveness. For those companies who already use market products, MacroPix LED screens can always be made compatible.


The product differentiation is propelled by heavy and continuous investments in research and development, applied to electronic, electric and mechanical engineering. The project is every time managed from A to Z, with focus on selection of the best possible products/components and leverage on proprietary technology. All LED screens and displays by Macropix are perceived as superior-quality products immediately after the delivery but the difference will be particularly noted time after time, in terms of duration, lifetime and reliability on one side and advertising space selling and business generation on the other side – the return of the investment is on the safest side.




Consulting e Certification

Customers are supported at all stages, from site survey to product selection, from getting permits and licences to recommending all accessories needed for best functionality, from preparation of tender specifications to certification of products and performance analisys or quality assessment. Particularly important is the issue of certifications, that guarantee the quality of products and services versus a wide availability in the market of low-budget products, that are not compliant with national and international regulations and law. Macropix products can be EMC, ROHS, IP rating certified after being tested by recognised European laboratories.

Installation and Maintenance

LED screens and displays are installed and maintenance guaranteed worldwide, with the support and expertise of skilled in-house staff and a network of partners on-site. The customer is accompanied at all stages of product use. Apart from 24/7 telephone assistance, under-warranty or out-of-warranty interventions are planned and organised in the fastest possible time. This service can be provided for any kind of screens, also made by different manufacturers, taking them back to normal operation with available spare parts or after repairing/replacing broken components. Warranty can be extended or integrated with Contracts of Maintenance and Service Level Agreements.

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