AGILIS – Transparent LED Display for outdoor media façade

Transparent, light-weight low power consumption LED display panels, ideal for media façade installations.
LedWall modulo copertina

Mesh led displays for media facades of great visual impact.

Agilis series of fullcolor outdoor screens is based on a unique and innovative design. It is transparent, lightweight, thin, easy-to-install and manage. Ideal for façades and roof-tops of buildings. Thanks to its modular configuration, low power consumption and easy rear/front access to all components, Agilis allows for installations of any format, spectacular from all distances, at a competitive pricing.

The product is light and thin, its transparency let the wind and sunlight pass through; this is a great advantage in terms of support structure cost but also in terms of sustainability, as people inside the building can see through while people outside the building will appreciate perfect visibility even under sunlight.

Key Product Features

  • Simple, lean design for quick and easy installation.
  • Reliable product for safe return on investment
  • All-in-one for maximum protection
  • Die-cast modules for lightness and easy support
  • Low power consumption.
  • Various resolutions available based on the same mechanics
  • Transparent and lightweight
  • The basis is that of traditional mesh products and the idea is to facilitate the digitization or digital integration of static systems.

Technical Highlights

  • Available in various pixel pitches suitable for any budget.
  • Access to maintenance from behind.
  • High brightness for outdoor
  • Brightness from 6000 to 12000 NIT
  • High contrast special LEDs.
  • Low power consumption.

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