MPV – LED displays for Information and Variable Message Signs

LED displays can be a modern and effective tool for public information on the road, around the cities and inside airport, stations and government offices
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What are variable message signs used for?

LED display with ample flexibility of use to increase safety on the roads and improve communication towards the passers-by with the delivery of information and messages of public interest.

In urban areas the VMSs can also be used to display alerts and governenment announcements or for communication of tourism/ promotional nature. Macropix manufactures this special type of displays also for high security environments and any governmental project. This product line may require special product certifications, such as EN12966.

Key Product Features

  • Very high brightness
  • Large memory of pre-recorded text messages / pictograms Access for rear maintenance
  • Rear maintenance access
  • Management and integration exibility
  • CE and EN12966 compliant (on request)
  • Waterproof
  • Dust proof

Technical Highlights

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