Subtilis – led screen for stores and shop windows

Subtilis offers a rich variety of solutions to the most demanding and challenging indoor led display installations for retail
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The Digital communication for indoor that you never expect.

Subtilis offers a rich variety of solutions to the most demanding and challenging indoor installations. Given that it has been used in our hundreds of installations, Subtilis has become a reference product for indoor applications.

It is a light-weight, slim and easy-to-install LED display. It weighs less than 27 kg per square meter and slim as 8 cm only. The cabinet sizes are 4/3 standard ratio but customizable based on LED modules to cover specific surfaces. The access to the LED display can be made both from front (standard) and rear (optional). The cabinet is also capable of having inner and outer curves to make out-of-ordinary, original design installations. All these features of Subtilis together with its competitive pricing, makes it an indispensable product for indoor applications. Subtilis is the perfect choice for indoor installations without any compromise between price and quality.

Key Product Features

  • Simple, lean design for quick installation
  • Aluminum, light-weight easy to handle cabinets
  • Slim design
  • Access for maintenance in both ways from front and rear
  • Electronic components and wiring installed in special protective section of the cabinet
  • Designed for fast access to screen to replace components
  • As if the LED screen were a PC monitor
  • Technical Highlights: Low consumption (<150 w / m2), High brightness (minimum 1200 nits), Without ventilation and thus no noise, Wide viewing angle (140 °), Slim and light design

Technical Highlights

  • Pixel pitch 1.9, 2.5 mm
  • Over 600 nit Brighness and up to 4500 NIT
  • Less than 28 kg weight per square meter
  • SMD type LEDs for viewing content from close distance and below
  • Average power consumption less than 250W per sqm
  • Cabinet thickness less than 9 cm

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