Rooftop and roadside advertising led Displays

Roof-top advertising screen

All you need to know about Led Wall installed on the roof or pole in your city!

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Display with visibility
in all light conditions


Display with
close-range visibility 


with high IP protection

Looking for more visibility in your city?
The largeadvertising screens installed on the roofs can help you make the difference! In strategic points and with the right special contentstailor-made for you, larger public coverage can increase your sales revenues.No size limit, custom-designed structure and project customization all in one provide by single company: Macropix!

The advertising screens installed on the road, for instanceon a pole or on a wall, are able to show dynamicimages andvideos of various formats. Thanks to the high technology, the Led Displays guarantee excellent high-definition visual impact, great visibility for brands, products and services offered. 

The possibility to update the contents and adding advertising contents instantly reduces the costs and helps to achieve a short return on investment time.

Some of the best installations on roof and road

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