Crius – mobile and self-standing digital LED poster

Portable and stand-alone high Definition LED poster visible from close and long distance. The plug-and-play mobile digital totem.

Mobile digital posters

The stand-alone indoor posters are designed for quick installation as mobile totems, being easy to move to different places whenever required. These are products with an elegant and extremely compact design that makes them perfect for any type of location: from stores to restaurants, from showrooms to corporate spaces and, in general, in all relatively small indoor environments where it is required to achieve an effective digital communication with appealing visual impact. a plug-and-play affordable solution to quickly digitize.

Key Product Features

  • Slim, light, portable, stand-alone product
  • Front maintenance, ideal for retail outlets
  • Special controlling unit which is able to play any input as if the LED screen were a PC monitor
  • Technical Highlights:
  • Low consumption (<150 w / m2), High brightness (minimum 1200 nits), Without ventilation and thus no noise, Wide viewing angle (140 °), Slim and light design

Technical Highlights

  • Pixel Pitch 1.5, 1.9, 2.5 mm
  • Operating temperature -10°+45°
  • Brigthness > 700 NIT
  • SMD LED, excellent vision up close and from below
  • Optional protection from hits, blows and water drops
  • Average Consumption 240 W/m2

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