TITULUS – Indoor Linear LED Displays for Digital Shelves

Shelves go digital! Technology and design in one LED display 9 cm strip
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Shelves go digital! Technology and design in one LED display strip

Titulus is designed mainly to be used as a full colour LED display for shelves. Now you can play videos and images on the shelves and catch the attention of the customers. It can be used not only for advertising but also for creative digital installations. Its special feature is the dimension of just 9 cm that can be used horizontally or vertically.

In order to play high resolution content visible from close distance, Titulus has super-fine pixel pitch. Its special design and light weight let the product to be installed easily on shelves with clamps. The access for maintenance is made from front.

Titulus has external power supply to save space on the installation spot  and the display size can be as long as the shelf or furniture. Moreover it comes together with a protective glue in the front to prevent from hits, blows and water drops.

Key Product Features

  • 9 cm height.
  • 75/100 cm width.
  • The module/cabinet can be rotated.
  • Provided with protective glue.
  • > 400 nit brigthness

Technical Highlights

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