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What does the cost of an Led Wall depend on?

Sooner or later, this is the question to ask and give an answer to. And “How much is an LED display” is, ironically, the most difficult query to respond. The LED displays available on the market are innumerable, for pitch or spacing – or distance between the pixels – and for internal or external use. Even the components used, in particular the LED brand, have a huge impact on the price of a LED wall. There is a wide range of products available, in terms of pixel pitches and indoor or outdoor use, and also the components utilised, in particular LED brand, may affect the price dramatically. The price range per square metre between an LED display of low resolution (even less than 500 pixels per square metre) and an LED display of high resolution (over 1,000,000 pixels per square metre) is very big, from less than 1,000 Euros per square metre to more than 15,000 Euros per square metre. Within this range there are options that can meet any technical and budgetary requirements. If you wanted to opt for LEDs of Japanese or American origins and not Taiwanese or Chinese, this price range could even get wider.

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However you should always keep into account that it is not only the cost per square metre to determine the price of LED screens. There are some items that are necessary for the use of the screen, like electronic control system (hardware and software) and power supplies. Also the cost of housing and support structure may really affect the final price, given last years’ trend of collapse in price of electronics and rise of price in metal and metal fabrication. Never forget about the costs of services like transport and installation, that in certain case, like locations with difficult access, can increase the total expenditures. Anyhow there is no doubt that the entry level of investment in LED display business, indoor even more than outdoor, in the last few years has dropped down tremendously.

What information must be received to define the price?

To define the price of an LED display it is necessary to have clear in mind its positioning, indoor or outdoor, the type of product, the pixel pitch, the size of the screen, the minimum and maximum viewing distance.

Today setting up LED totems or video screens in a shop window, for example, is within everyone’s reach; with less than 10.000 Euros it is now possible to have something installed with great visual impact.

Also a digital billboard or giant screen for advertising these days requires a global investment that is less than half than what would have been only 4 or 5 years ago.

Once the LED screen is installed, there will be operational costs that depend a lot on the quality of the product purchased.

Actually the best LED displays in the market, apart from lasting longer, will require less maintenance and consume less power at same brightness. LED displays of relatively lower initial costs most likely will mean frequent repairs, higher bills, shorter lifetime, with bad return of the investment.

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What variations LED screens depend on?

There are many variations that determine the price of led displays. As we said, it is affected by the size, the type of product, its destination and the possible need to design a special structure. One aspect to be taken into consideration, anyhow, is the great possibility of a quick return on investment. So it goes without saying that ROI calculations should always be made in the medium-long term, including all costs, not only the price of the screen itself. When you have selected a product with higher, guaranteed and certified, quality even up against an extra cost you can be sure that this effort will be paid back pretty soon. For this reason you had better choose a MacroPix product,!

Price examples of an LED screen

A typical installation of LED displays inside a store is 3 x 2 meters, ideal to digitize the wall of the point-of-sale and communicate promotions and/or emotional videos to the customers. The price of such an LED display, including the support structure and the controller, is around 15,000 Euros. Obviously, for smaller or bigger dimensions, the price difference will be pretty much proportional