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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recognize the player model?

All Macropix players have a label that identifies the model and serial number of each device, each player model is identified by the initials ULTRA-ADV followed by the model, for example ULTRA-ADV 500, ULTRA-ADV is a player, 500 is the model.

How do I recognize the controller/sending box model?

All Macropix control electronics have an identification label, which contains the model and serial number of the device. (For example ULTRA-DVI 500) Then select the corresponding electronic model from the ELECTRONIC MODEL menu.

The order number can be found on the “purchase order”

The document that you have signed off to order the material. It is made up of 4/5 digits, the last two identify the year, while the first identifies the order number. For example you see the number 1721, which identifies the order 17 of the year 2021. When entering the ticket you must use 17 and then choose the year from the drop-down menu.

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