What led walls are used for and how they work

The led walls are giant screenswith multi-color also called RGB, led technology, which allow you to reproduce videos, static images and information of various kinds through the use of a computer.


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What is meant by the term Led Wall?

Ledwalls or led walls are big screens made up of light emitting diodes to display video and any other visual content as if they were computer monitors. As the word says in English, the feeling it gives when looking at is that of a massive luminous wall, without any junction between the modules and cabinets that compose it, thus allowing you to cover, digitize any space in continuity. In the narrow meaning of the term, the word “led wall” is normally used in scenography and (television, virtual, production) studios or wherever the screen is shot by professional cameras. But now the name has been extended to all applications, like for led displays or led screens not only for indoors but also for outdoors.

Technology of a Led Wall

When we talk about LED walls, we are therefore talking about cutting-edge technology that is increasingly requested by architects, designers, consultants, creatives, professionals who see the dream come true of digitizing any surface, even curved or with special shapes such as squares, triangles, parallelepipeds, spheres, cubes. MacroPix is ​​a team of experts who have been working with this technology for years and know all its secrets. Unlike many players in this business, we have proprietary technology and software, we select and strictly control the quality of suppliers, we do not promise but we GUARANTEE the safe use of the product for as long as you need. Thanks to this differentiation, MacroPix is ​​today the market leader in Italy and a well recognized brand Internationally.

Installation of led walls

MacroPix led displays have been permanently installed for outdoor advertising, in retail and shopping malls, in any space open to the public (discos, restaurants, cinemas, museums etc) or for transit and transportation (airports, stations etc), in television studios, in corporate receptions, lounges or conference and control rooms, in stadiums and sports halls, as variable message signs for public information but modular led walls are also used for temporary installations during live events such as concerts, trade shows etc.

installazione ledwall interno ed esterno

Main characteristics of a Led Wall

The fundamental technical feature to know about led walls is the “pixel pitch” i. e. the distance between adjacent pixels, each of them consisting of 3 LEDs, red, green and blue (RGB). The closer the pixels are, i.e. the narrower the pixel pitch, the more definition you will get with the product. With the technological evolution of recent years, in particular the miniaturization of electronic components, pixel pitches can now be less than one millimeter, therefore close to other video solutions such as LCD or OLED (which, however, can never reach the same size and they do not have the same duration and flexibility of use as LED displays). MacroPix designs, supplies and certifies models ranging from 0.9 mm pixel pitch for indoor to 50 mm or more pixel pitch for outdoor. The most popular models of led screens are 1.9 mm, 2.6 mm and 3.9 mm for indoor and 4.8 mm, 6.67 mm and 10 mm for outdoor, but there are many other intermediate solutions available. MacroPix provides led walls that can also be used in extreme environments, very exposed to bad weather or high / low temperatures. For example in the high mountains, by the sea or in desert areas. The LED modules entirely made in aluminum and sealed front and back of the Signum and Solaris series allow exceptional color dissipation, waterproofness and resistance to humidity and salinity.

Depending on the exact place of installation, MacroPix can always consult on the right solution, both from a technical and commercial point of view.

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Quanto costa un Ledwall

Speaking about prices, the availability of MacroPix led display models is so wide that it can satisfy any budget requirement and compared to a few years ago the minimum investment has more than halved and also the operating costs have decreased as the led walls today consume less and require little maintenance. MacroPix has also patented some products that allow to obtain 50% more brightness for the same power consumption or to get 50% less consumption for the same brightness levels.


With the proprietary software “Omnibus” you can monitor power consumption based on the video content you want to insert in the playlist. And with the other proprietary software “Curator” you can manage the brightness of the led screen automatically according to the time, season, exposure to sunlight (brightness higher than 5000 NIT and up to 12000 NIT allow visibility even at maximum exposure, while after sunset the brightness is reduced to less than 10%). It is extremely important to know as well that MacroPix in its laboratory, among very few companies in Europe, repairs LED modules down to 1.2 mm.

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