ADASTRA – Ultra-thin LED display strips for wall fixing

Strip led display cabinets to cover any surface with videos
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ADASTRA LED display strips for wall fixing

Adastra offers a great solution for applications where every inch is important for the final look. The standard cabinet is 100 x 25 or 75 x 25 cm. 1.5 mm pixel pitch ensures perfect visibility even from closest viewing distance but this series is available also in 1.8, 2.6 and 3.9 mm pixel pitches for any technical and budgetary requirement. In any case the screen is only 4 cm thick, ideal for integration in any indoor environment.

Adastra is utilised in specific locations like TV studios, simulation rooms, high-tech lounges and stores where image, brand and design are fundamental. The cabinet can also be cut 45° to cover columns or pillars and shape a 4-sided screen with almost invisible gaps.

in the newest version the standard strip cabinet can me easily combined with larger cabinets to speed up installation process and it can also be rotated without any color shift, so any surface can be now fully covered with super nice videos.

Key Product Features

  • Super-slim special design.
  • Light-weight and small cabinets easy-to-install.
  • Magnetic LED Tiles.
  • Any shape and dimension is possible
  • Frontal access for maintenance.
  • Elegant design for architectural and creative applications.

Technical Highlights

  • IP43 rating.
  • EMC Dekra certification.
  • Customizable size based on 25x25cm LED Tiles.
  • Low fixing structure and maintenance cost.
  • 150° wide visibility angle.
  • Seamless screen without lines.
  • High contrast LED lamps.

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