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LedWall for pharmacy

A new communication tool towards the user.
Pharmacy led displays and monitors are becoming increasingly popular in the industry as innovative digital systems. Increasingly present in shop windows, inside or outside the store.

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What is an led display for pharmacy and what is it for?

The pharmacy market has completely changed. In addition to offering a public service, pharmacies now also need to differentiate their offerings and adopt new marketing strategies. Pharmacy led displays are increasingly becoming one of the most popular and most chosen communication tools. The screens best support the Pharmacy in the dual information and sponsorship function of the store itself and can be positioned in the shop window, inserted in the furnishings of the room or installed on the wall or poles outside the store.

What are the characteristics of a Led Wall for pharmacies?

The peculiarity of the LED screens for pharmacy, of Macropix production, is that they are absolutely versatile. They can be encased in the furnishings of the shop being renovated or newly opened. Thanks to the high brightness and excellent contrast, the pharmacy LED display are visible in direct sunlight and for this reason they are ideal for being positioned behind the store window in order to communicate to the outside with a great visual impact. Precisely for this application, led display in standalone mode are increasingly in demand: all in one ideal for a smart installation!

The great peculiarity of pharmacy ledwalls is that they have a very high resolution even from very close distances, with the pixel pitch that can now be under 2 mm – the best-selling models are today 1.9 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.9 mm. Another special feature is the robustness and lifetime: MacroPix screens are designed to work faultless for at least 5 years.


Display with visibility in all light conditions


Display with close-range visibility


Indoor display with high IP protection.

Installation and management of an indoor Led Wall

The assembly of a ledwall for pharmacies is most of the times quick and easy as they are based on magnetic plates and wall-mounted, hanging or on self-supportive structures. A very interesting feature is that for LED displays there are no waiting times for printing the material, contributing to the well-being of the environment. All promotional videos can be uploaded in minutes and streamed to multiple devices simultaneously. It is possible to connect to the LED screen via cable, via wifi, or remotely, and program a schedule from any position. The play list can be adapted according to the target audience, times and turnout, establishing a strategy for the best economic return.

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Led Wall for pharmacy rental

MacroPIX pharmacy LED displays are also available through customizable rental plans. Our rental is a contract designed to be customized, aimed at using the equipment for a long (up to 5 years) or short period. It is a flexible contract that respects the customer’s needs. The rental involves the delivery and assembly of the ledwall, the installation of dedicated software, management and maintenance.

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How much does a led wall for pharmacy?

The price of led displays for pharmacies varies according to the size of the screen, the model and therefore the performance, mainly on the “pitch” or the distance between one pixel and the most adjacent. Each project is customized according to the need. However, we can say that for the led displays dedicated to pharmacies you can be granted a monthly fee of less than 200 euros fully deductible and quick on the return of the investment.