Shop window LED displays

LED screens and monitors for shop windows

Digital advertising and branding: LED screens and monitors are visible behind the glass in any light conditions
and from any viewing distance

Personalized prices for led screens behind the glass

What is an advertising screen for shop window and what is it for?

The digitalization of the shop window is now a necessity to attract new customers to the store and lead them towards a new shopping experience. Led screens and monitors can be of any size and shape, transparent or self-supportive and also transparent. The high-brightness led video walls for shop windows guarantee a more engaging communication, because it is more dynamic and varied. In addition to simpler information such as opening and closing times, sale rebates, special promotions, they are able to reproduce commercials and videos of any kind with sophisticated program scheduling.

Why not use a home TV?

Domestic television sets are not able to guarantee visibility which, instead, is guaranteed by an led screen. First, home televisions are not designed to run for many hours. In addition, they are not designed to counteract sunlight that can sometimes directly hit the window. The led screens for shop windows, on the other hand, are specially designed for a very high brightness that can vary from 3000 to 6000 nits. In this way, dynamic or static images can capture the consumer’s attention immediately and effectively.

Characteristics of a Ledwall for showcase advertising

A great feature of led displays for shop windows is the ease of maintenance which can be front or rear. They are equipped with aluminium cabinets and modules to maximize heat dissipation, reliability and lifetime, for over 5 years. Some models can be self-supportive (just a power socket is needed for their operation) or even, with the FlexilisVitrum series, they can be glued directly on the glass, with the characteristic of maintaining a certain transparency: you can see it from the inside out and vice versa. Macropix led screens adopt a patented system that allows you to transmit a perfectly calibrated white color even in direct sunlight to always guarantee high visibility. In addition, all of our LED displays are equipped with a software package, developed by Macropix, which allow easy management of content, simple and immediate, allowing the transmission of videos and images remotely.

Installation and management of ledwall for shop windows

The assembly of a large format screen for shop windows use is certainly complex since it often has to respect the designer’s design to the millimeter, so each component must perfectly match the support structure and the area of the display case to be set up. But assembly and maintenance are easy in themselves as they are based on magnetic or adhesive plates, hanging or self-supporting.

Rental of advertising screens for shop windows

For a particular promotion or a seasonal campaign capable of entertaining or amaze your audience during an event, the choice to rent a ledwall can be the winning key. We have different models that allow you to set up a small or large scenography giving space to creativity thanks to the possibility of using refined shapes such as circular, concave or convex, oblique and still curved. The choice to rent a led wall can also be the compelling solution to promote a new opening or to give communication support to a temporary shop.

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How much do led screens for shop windows cost?

The price of led displays for shop windows varies according to the size of the screen, the model and therefore the performance, mainly on the “pitch” or the distance between one pixel and the most adjacent. Each project is customized according to the need. However, we can say that for standard led displays installed behind the glass you can expect a price that starts from 1500 Euros per sqm or a monthly fee of less than 200 Euros fully deductible and quick on the return of the investment.