LCD and OLED Monitors, Kiosks, Video walls

Indoor LCD and Oled monitors from 32'' to 100'' for quick and affordable digital video applications indoor, outdoor and for store window
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Professional LCD/OLED Monitors, Totems, Video walls

Available in HD or 4K up to 100”, professional LCD or OLED monitors are a great option for 24/7 or 16/7 use in retail business or information in public spaces, offering a first-hand digitization and attracting more customers into the dedicated areas.

Available in standard 16/9 TV format, landscape or portrait, there are also special formats available like ultra-stretch, 21/9, 32/9 and also 1:1.

LCD technology is usually for indoor use only or with high brightness version behind the glass of a store window but it can also be adapted to outdoor, if the monitor is fitted into a special kiosk housing.

Key Product Features

Technical Highlights

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