Energy-saving LED screens: Green Technology

Energy saving LED screens, an absolute novelty on the market.

Energy saving LED screens, an absolute novelty on the market.

Green Technology – Savings up to 50%

Macropix is ​​the first Italian company to have developed a system that allows you to manage the energy consumption of LED displays for savings on your bill of up to 50%.



Savings on your bill of up to 50% with Omnibus! Software dedicated to power saving

Macropix has developed and patented, within its digital signage Omnibus software, a system that allows you to manage and control the energy consumption of the display based on the single visual content and on the individual frames that compose it, offering a real time overview about economic and environmental savings .

Energy saving standard screen with Ekoled





Outdoor & Indoor

On-site management

The management software, Omibus, includes special features for managing the on-site advertising schedule.

Energy saving mode

Savings from 20% to 50%

Low Power

Optimize energy savings through the use of very bright LEDs integrated with “Common Cathode” technology

Remote programming

Brightness management
during the day and at night.

Latest LED Wall installation



Management and programming:

When we talk about LED walls, we are therefore talking about cutting-edge technology that is increasingly requested by architects, designers, consultants, creatives, professionals who see the dream come true of digitizing any surface, even curved or with special shapes such as squares, triangles, parallelepipeds, spheres, cubes. MacroPix is ​​a team of experts who have been working with this technology for years and know all its secrets. Unlike many operators in the sector, we have proprietary technology and software, we rigorously select and control the quality of suppliers, we do not promise but we guarantee the safe use of the product for as long as needed. Thanks to this differentiation, MacroPix is ​​today the market leader in fixed installations. Thanks to this differentiation, MacroPix is ​​today the market leader in Italy and a well recognized brand Internationally..

Ledwall Ekoled energy efficiency rating of LED displays

MacroPix has also patented LUXIO product line, which provides the integration of white LEDs together with the red, green, and blue (RGBW) resulting in extra energy saving, under 300 W / m2 at a very high brightness (up to 20,000 NIT) for those special locations exposed to strong solar radiation. But that is not all.

The company has introduced “power saving” LED display solutions – EKOLED – which have improved physical features and optimized energy saving through the use of very bright LEDs integrated with “common cathode” technology. MacroPix products guarantee customizations that comply with the reference standards. The rating of different products go from mimimum 3 leaves (average power saving, up to 15%) to maximum 5 leaves (maximum power saving, up to 25%).

How much are LED walls? Custom LED screen prices.

Speaking about prices, the availability of MacroPix led display models is so wide that it can satisfy any budget requirement and compared to a few years ago the minimum investment has more than halved and also the operating costs have decreased as the led walls today consume less and require little maintenance. MacroPix has also patented some products that allow to obtain 50% more brightness for the same power consumption or to get 50% less consumption for the same brightness levels.

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