Shop Interior Design and Mall Led Displays

Led screens and ledmonitors are increasingly necessary for customer involvement towards a new shopping experience Of any size and shape, the proposed LED video walls can be used for shop interiors and windows as well as shopping malls.

Custom price ledwall for the interior of shops and shopping centers

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What is and what is used for an indoor Led Display for shops?

Led screens and led monitors are increasingly necessary for customer involvement towards a new shopping experience. LED displays and monitors in shops, showrooms, flagship stores and shopping malls are needed today to attract customers and build up brand reputation.

LED video walls for a shop, store or showroom ensure more engaging communication, because it is more dynamic and varied. In addition to simpler information such as opening and closing times, sale rebates, special promotions, they are able to reproduce commercials and videos of any kind with sophisticated program scheduling.

How to choose the right Led Wall for shops?

The choice of an led screen to be placed inside a shop undoubtedly falls on an indoor led video wall as it will not be exposed to rain or other external elements but is designed to withstand a significant passage of people thanks to special protection.. In addition you can choose a product with a high dedication to allow excellent visibility even from very close. If, on the other hand, the LED screen is to be positioned in the window, you can choose the Led walls based on the sunlight that your window receives. If it receives indirect light from the sun, standard or high brightness displays can be chosen. In the event that your showcase receives intense and direct sunlight, you will need to choose a screen with very high brightness around 5000/6000 nit.

Characteristics of a Led Wall for shops

The led video walls for shop or showcase are easy to maintain, which can be front or rear and are, for the most part, equipped with a cabinet entirely made of aluminum in order to reduce its weight. Macropix giant screens adopt a patented system that allows you to transmit a perfectly calibrated white color even in direct sunlight to always guarantee perfect visibility. In addition, all our screens for shops and showcases are equipped with a software package, developed by Macropix, which allow easy management of content, simple and immediate, allowing the transmission of videos and images even remotely.

Installation and management of an indoor Led Wall

The assembly of a larget format screen for indoor use is certainly complex, as it often has to respect the designer’s layout down to each and every millimeter, with high precision, so each component must perfectly match the surrounding environment or the support structure. But actually installation and maintenance are easy, as modules are based on magnetics and support structures are basic for walls, hanging or stand-alone.

Led Wall rental for shops

For a particular promotion or a seasonal campaign capable of entertaining or amaze your audience during an event, the choice to rent a ledwall can be the winning key. We have different models that allow you to set up a small or large scenography giving space to creativity thanks to the possibility of using refined shapes such as circular, concave or convex, oblique and still curved. The choice to rent a led wall can also be the compelling solution to promote a new opening or to give communication support to a temporary shop.

How much does an indoor led wall cost?

The price of an indoor led display varies depending on the size, the model and therefore the resolution of the screen, particularly on the pitch i. e. the distance between one RGB pixel and the most adjacent. Each product can be customized to meet any technical and budgetary requirements. Let’s say that an LED display with “standard” characteristics starts from a price per square meter of 1,500 euros.