How to create a video for Led Displays 

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Let’s find out what are the fundamental aspects for creating an effective video for your led display.

Videos transmitted by various media such as TVs, DVDs, etc. are often used, but in these cases the information and the picture quality can be lost, since they were not made taking into account the parameters used by the advertising giant screens. For this reason we recommend making video content following the specific characteristics of your Led screen. Macropix offers a training course to illustrate how to generate suitable video content for your LED screen.

What hardware and software components are needed to make a video for Led Display?

All you need is a computer with a good graphics card to make your video content. There are also several professional software that allow you to access a vast library of styles, effects and animations to be applied to your creations.

What are the advantages of videos for Led Displays?

Making a video following the technical specifications of your led display, and then making ad hoc videos, will help you maintain a high visual impact and thus attract new customers. It is important to know the size and pitch of your led display to find the right resolution of your led screen. A small detail that, however, makes the difference because, respecting this dimension, you will get videos and images of the right size, avoiding that your content may shell or be poorly defined.

What is the optimal configuration of a video for Led Display?

There is no optimal configuration. The configuration differs from one led screen to another, from one project to another and from the pitch or the distance between the individual LEDs present in the led display, this parameter in fact determines the graphic resolution and therefore the size that we should use for the realization of content.

How can you easily control the contents of the video?

The contents can be transmitted remotely directly on the LED screen. In this way, any aesthetic and functional inconsistency can be verified in real time.

How do you customize the screens?

The LED screen can be placed indoor or outdoor, fitted into a temporary or fixed structure, it can be installed roadside or on a pole, on the facade of a building or on a roof. It can also be installed in countries with a hostile climate. An led screen is then customized for shape, size and model according to its final location.

What are the options available for making videos for Led Display?

The led screen has the ability to support almost all the most usual formats: jpeg, mov, mp4 are just some of the formats accepted by the software with which to manage the led display.

The management software includes special features for the management of the advertising schedule (Omnibus) and for the monitoring of the led screen (Curator). The giant screen can be managed remotely, via cable or without cable, individually or as a network, when multiple giant screens are installed in different locations.

Personalized prices for Outdoor LedWalls. Contact us!