Anteo Cinema – Treviglio

The Treviglio Anteo spazioCinema has been recently inaugurated, which has 6 rooms for a total of 1277 seats. Among the innovative elements, Macropix played an important role. In fact, two Signum 6 LED screens have been installed on both sides of the entrance, specifically designed for outdoor use, with high brightness.

Thanks to the use of high-brightness SMD LEDs, the screen is also visible in direct sunlight and the LED plates perfectly protect the screen from bad weather, condensation and corrosion. A unique product of certified quality.

Thanks to these screens, the user passing through and has no way of being updated on the programming inside the structure in a fast, innovative way, capturing the attention thanks to the moving images.

The large-scale LED technology is increasingly gaining ground in the dynamic communications sector and is increasingly integrated into urban design.

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