Anteo Cinema – Milan

The collaboration between the cinema brand Anteo and Macropix continues.

The external facade of the Milan cinema is covered with special LED screens: double-sided and 45 ° angles. After the success of the recent outdoor ledwall installations at the Anteo cinema in Treviglio and Monza, today even the entrance to the Milanese cinemas has been enriched by dynamic and moving communication.

The Anteo cinema is a historic cinema located in the heart of Milan, inaugurated for the first time over 70 years ago. It was built in the 1930s by the architect Renzo Gerla. Before becoming popular cinema in the 1950s, it was Casa del Fascio and later the Milanese headquarters of the Italian Communist Party. The architectural transition, designed by the architect Riccardo Rocco, was particularly accurate and tried to respect, where possible, the historical essence of the venue.

But on 7 September 2017, the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema in Milan was renovated again respecting the nature of an innovative and avant-garde city requirements by today including 11 rooms, a café, a cinema room with a restaurant inside managed by Eataly, a library and a nursery for children aged 3 and over. In this context, modern interventions could not be missing even on the external facades of the entrance. For this, 2 corner screens 1000×1500 mm Model Signum RS 3.9 have been installed.

The screen is capable of attracting the attention of many passing users and informing them about the film schedules with excellent visibility even from long distance. The world of cinema, like retail, is constantly evolving to make the viewer an integral part of communication on the move with new and modern technologies such as LED screens!

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