LED screens at Mall of Muscat – Oman

Product name: Solaris
Size: 103 sqm
Application Type: outdoor mall wall
Location: Mall of Muscat – Oman

We were contacted by the customer because they were looking for a globally renowned, reliable and expert supplier to entrust the LED screens to be used at Mall of Muscat. But above all, the main reason was the requirement of quality products that were resistant to the high temperatures and the difficult typical climate of this country.

Why did we choose Solaris?
We have chosen this product for its particular qualities. In addition to the high brightness, Solaris is a product designed specifically for the Arabian peninsula that presents an environment characterized by frequent sandstorms, very high temperatures that sometimes reach 60 °C.

What services did Macropix provide?

Macropix took care of the entire mechanical design, structure and fixing to the wall. The product has been customized. Macropix carried out a study in the design phase and, subsequently, of the production phase, to obtain a 45 ° angle with a solution of seamless continous LED Screen. In the end Macropix also took care of the entire installation.

What were the difficulties you had to overcome to complete the installation?
For the external screen, we have a 45 ° inclined wall so the mechanical design had to be studied in such a way that the structure could be easily integrated. The Macropix design department prepare an unique elaborated solution to overcome this structural challenge to ensure that the screen was integrated without any difficulty. The installation was successfully done with appraising feedbacks from the end customer.

Furthermore in the same shopping mall, Macropix also supplied and installed in addition to the Solaris, 2 transparent Vitrum led screen.One single-sided 15 square meters and another dual-sided of 30 square meters. Totally 45 square meters of transparent Vitrum.

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