The most important Sisal wincity in Italy

The new Wincity Milano Diaz was inaugurated on Wednesday 16 September 2020. Redesigned to fully enhance the omnichannel logic and digital experience, today it offers the widest range of games available on the market as well as a selection of the highest quality food & beverage. Following the short operational suspension for the re-modeling work, the store has reopened its doors with a series of spectacular innovations created to make the customer experience unforgettable pleasing moments in full compliance with the prevention regulations in times of COVID-19. As a matter of fact, the new “Wincity Oniric Wall” system presents, inside, a long semi-transparent LED wall (vitrum), which envelops customers, projecting them into the most fascinating scenarios, in stadiums in the world or in the most remote places; the Tunable light system, set up by the 8 pitch product, which modifies the quality of the light in the rooms according to the times of the day, coordinating with the audio and video system of the store and much more.

This combination of technologies gave life to the first and only “WOW system” in the world (Wincity Oniric Wall) able to offer 360 ° entertainment in an immersive, totally hi-tech scenario that elevates the permanence inside the store to experience level thanks to the perfect synchrony of images, scents and sounds. Macropix had the honor of being chosen by Sisal, through Asystel Italia, as the official supplier of all the LED screens in the store, and to work in coordination with the Supernormal studio and Giuseppe Leida, who designed all the interiors.

Macropix followed the entire design phase of the structures to meet the needs of aesthetics, dimensions and functionality; has installed in record time over 50 square meters of LED screens, also providing assistance on the content testing phase, inserted on the management software, created by the creative agency “WOA Creative Agency” which has contributed to the creation of dreamlike, immersive and interactive; “Sisal Wincity Milano Diaz represents our vision of the retail of the future; places of full entertainment, where you can feel welcomed  and pampered and where you can be amazed that you have chosen the best.

‘Wow’ is the expression that we like to be able to arouse in our customers “, said Massimo Ingrassia, Retail Managing Director of Sisal.

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