Perimetral Led Enrico Rocchi Stadium

Product name: Fascia – F10
Area in meters: 188 linear meters, height 96 cm
Application type: outdoor
Location: Enrico Rocchi Stadium – Via della Palazzina, Viterbo

Renovated in 2007, the Enrico Rocchi municipal stadium in Viterbo now contains almost 6000 places, making it the largest sports facility in the Viterbo area.

The new president of Viterbo Marco Romano, has chosen Macropix to provide the venue with outdoor perimetral led screen system, as for the more advanced type of stadiums, also with a vision to upgrade a higher ranking stadium.

We have chosen the Fascia-F10 ledwall model, 10 mm pixel pitch for a high graphic definition of 18816 x 96 pixels to provide a nitid content visibility, high brightness and high reliability as well as aluminum cabinet for lightness and durability.

The screen is equipped with Macropix’s own proprietary Controlling set in the UltraSPORT complete with player PC, software and LED controller box, to simplify content management creation.

In addition, it has a controlling device rack which shows instant messages and overwrites the schedule to enhance the advertisement by linking it to certain events of the match.

Macropix provided the controlling system ensuring the management of the entire LED wall from the control room located in the central grandstand area, also solving the aspects of sizing and positioning of the various led cabinets to respect the minimum distances and safety standards.

In order to bring this installation to life with animations and advertisements, Macropix has trained A.S. Viterbo using a week and as well as coordinating of various staff and resources.

The new system was inaugurated with the match on Sunday 23 February 2020.

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