Led screen backstage RAI Studio Radio2 – Il Ruggito del Coniglio

The month of December opens with a big news: the RAI Studio of Radio2 which hosts the legendary broadcast
“The roar of the Rabbit” was set up with LED screens by MacroPiX. The show is based on the ability of presentors to ironically interpret the main daily news by inviting radio listeners to intervene to comment on their experiences live.

A Banner 1m high runs all around the Studio while 9m2 of LED screen is located right in the  middle of the room for a total of 33.5 square meters of all LED cabinets with a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm, which make the study a combination of Technology, Modernity and Design. But that’s not all: the technology behind LEDs belongs to Macropix.

For this reason, in addition to the LEDs, MacroPiX has also provided; video processors LED controller and signal overlay. The very accurate mechanical assembly has allowed to perfectly match the edges of the LED modules, creating continuous and uniform surfaces; particularly in correspondence of one of the 4 corners, the cabinets have been put together in a way to create a single screen with an angle of approximately 100 °,  where it is possible to display images and video perfectly at a continuous surface.

The Mobilis 3,9 cabinets, in addition to being of excellent quality, are characterized by a totally frontal access, too. So once installed and fixed to the rear fixing structure, they can carry out any maintenance or wiring operation. The cabinet can be accessed also from front, without the need to detach the cabinets from the structure.

Today on December 3rd a live Facebook broadcast was on air where all this has been officially made visible!

From tomorrow live Audio / Video every day on RaiPlay, starting at 7:45 am

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