Led Screens and scoreboards Nereo Rocco Stadium of Trieste

Macropix turns the sport on!

Product name: Signum
Size: 90 square meters
Application: Outdoor
Place: “Nereo Rocco” Stadium of Trieste – Italy

Our Senior Product Manager for Sport was contacted by the customer at the very beginning of this work, just to get some advice, ideas, updated information on products available on the market, idea of prices, etc.

Over time, the relationship has evolved into maximum transparency and mutual respect, up to the invitation to the Public Tender for the sale and installation of 2 LED screens in the “Nereo Rocco”  Stadium of Trieste, 

a tender where many companies took part, and it was held through an E-Procurement Portal thanks to which the customer has been able to choose independently and with maximum transparency.

Which product did we choose and why?

For this installation we have chosen our Signum QS 10mm product, an LED screen that offers a high quality image display thanks to an excellent SMD 2727,excellent reliability over time, a smaller pixel pitch if compared with the request and therefore definitely better than the minimum specification. An excellent led product at a price never seen before!

What services did Macropix provide?

Transportation and installation in times fitting a “world speed record”, to delight of the Municipality of Trieste which was able to use the new LED displays during the European Under21 Championship. We have assumed burdens and risks which have fortunately led to an excellent result, within the requested time-frame.

What were the difficulties you had to overcome to complete the installation?

Very short delivery times. The LED screens were delivered and installed after 45 days from the date of the tender award. Need for our presence during the first events, since there was really no time to train their technicians to make them autonomous since the first match

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