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SHOW | Buddha10

Fragments, derivatives and refractions of the Buddhist visual imagery.
Mao Turin from 20 October 2022 to 3 September

New horizons of perception and vision… when digital meets material in a new experiential approach.
This is what happens at the MAO – Turin museum.

What meanings do the ritual objects present in the MAO collections have and how were they used and perceived in their original context? Why and how did they enter a distant part of the museum’s heritage – as well as other Asian art museums in Europe?
And again: what are the problems posed by conservation and restoration, subordinated to tastes and techniques that change over time? What is the relationship between Buddhism and new technologies?
The new Buddha10 exhibition starts from these questions. Fragments, drifts and refractions of the Buddhist visual imagery, a project that starts from the works present in the collections to open up broader perspectives relating to issues concerning the museum, its collections and what it means to manage, preserve and enhance an Asian art heritage in the western area.

Buddha10, like The Great Empty before it, is an open, lively, constantly evolving exhibition, a project that reveals the analyzes and processes, but does not suggest definitive conclusions: through this exhibition, the museum intends to present itself as a place where the relationship between the object shown and visitor is constantly questioned. It is the work itself that builds complications with respect to its meaning: the observer has the task of grasping its contradictions, its meaning, its profound value.

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