Come costruire un Led WallHow to build an LED Display

Here is how led screens are made before their final installation. From customized design to ready-to-ship packaging.

The components of Led Video Walls

As we have already said, LED screens are special luminous display boards that have the particularity of being visible and functional, in any sun exposure and climatic condition, in closed or open environments. This is possible thanks to the numerous quality elements that make it up.

The steps to build an Led Display in Macropix

1. Order approval: The LED display manufacturing process starts as soon as the order is confirmed, i.e. with the exchange of documents and the payment of the deposit.

2. Technical study of the project: Immediately after the final approval, our team of specialized engineers gets to work on the development of the project, designing and developing the screen at a technical and structural level in all its aspects – for example size, brightness, consumption, structure and frame that vary on one side according to the type of application and positioning and on the other side according the components used. Each project, therefore, is every time carried out starting from scratch.

3. Electronics and mechanics: This is the most complex process. Based on each and every project, the LED boards and the containment modules (in plastic, iron or aluminum as appropriate) are made by carefully selected production partners.

4. Mounting: All the parts made and wired are assembled in structural frames designed specifically to accommodate all the electronic components. This work requires a high degree of experience, to avoid creating visual separations between each structure produced.

5. Aging and Calibration: Once the electrical and mechanical welding and assembly processes are completed, the production process of a LED video wall passes through aging (the screen is operated for a few days in search of any problems) and brightness calibration and color temperature settings with special and avant-garde tools that the company also has.

6. Check: In the last step, various tests are carried out on the LED screen to verify its correct functioning, which allows you to complete the entire production process. Once all the tests are correct, we proceed with the packaging and shipping!

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