How to choose the best LED display provider


The market of LED video walls or digital displays for advertising, promotion, sport, information and entertainment is growing at a global level, therefore it has become extremely competitive and more and more companies claim to be able to provide this kind of products. With a broad offer it can be problematic for a customer to be able to choose the most reliable partner to carry out the project together. Clearly the starting point for the choice of the supplier is the quality of the product but nowadays the average quality has risen considerably and spec by spec many products are equivalent, starting from the assumption that 90% of LED screens come from a restricted number of Chinese factories.

It is important, however, that from the beginning the supplier can direct the customer towards the right LED display model (in terms of pixel pitch, definition, type of components used, size, maintenance access, brightness level, IP rating, power consumption etc) for that specific application in that special location. This ability to direct the customer towards the right product is only the result of years of specific experience with installations of all kinds and in all conditions.

Providing LED screens is indeed a very different business, for example, from producing signs, installing monitors, renting video material for events or setting up spaces. Once the model has been selected together, the supplier’s ability to make available all the accessories that allow the perfect functioning of the LED screen is essential, ie the electronic control systems, the support structures, the electrical plants. These accessories, combined with transport and installation services, can have a significant impact on the final price of the LED display, but they are just as important as the product itself. Finally, an element of exceptional importance is the maintenance of the product. he supplier must have all the credentials in terms of staff, local presence, financial soundness to be able to intervene if the screen has problems, immediately and for a number of years consistent with the time of depreciation of the asset. At the maintenance level, the supplier must also be able not only to replace the defective parts but also to repair them.

To conclude, the ideal LED screen supplier must have the following characteristics: leverage on a long history and specific product experience; have completed numerous installations of different models in different environments; be able to provide not only the product but also everything around it, and what more and more can make the difference, such as proprietary software; having a staff of various people, both on and off-site, that support from a commercial and technical point of view, engineer, design, install, maintain, repair; demonstrate that they have the economic soundness to remain in the market for a long-term.

The advice is therefore to get to know the supplier in depth before making any decision, perhaps personally comparing some pre-selected ones, by: 1. visiting their premises;
2. inspecting some of their installations;
3. talking with past clients;
4. equesting bank references. In MacroPix troverete tutto questo ed altro,

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