The 10 greatest advantages of LED display technology

What makes LED displays different from any other Large Format Display (LFD) available in the market?

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There are advantages that are evident not only to professional users but also to people who are not familiar with display tecnologies.

Against specific video solutions, there may be specific advantages. For example you can say that compared to a projector or videowall an LED display requires less space for installation being much less thick (under 5 cm, if necessary), but still it is thicker than other types of monitors. So we will focus only on advantages of LEDs over ALL the other display solutions, there are so many anyway…

Before anything else, when we talk about “LED screens” or “LED displays” we are talking about a monitor that is entirely made with LEDs and the picture is created by the direct light emission of these diodes – we are not talking about the so-called “LED TVs” that are actually LCD monitors retro-illuminated by LEDs.

1.The first and most obvious advantage is that LED displays are the only product in the world that can be installed outdoor without any extra protection; by itself the screen is waterproof and dustproof, bright enough to be seen under direct sunlight and so robust to resist to a certain level of vandalism.

2 e 3. The second and third greatest advantages are the total flexibility in terms of sizing and shaping, the only limit being resolution if the dimensions are too small (however this may not be necessarily true today, with pixel pitches less than 2 mm amazing picture quality can be obtained also in small sizes). In any size up to dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of square metres, an LED display can be freely scaled, straight or curved, up to TV aspect ratio, totem, banner, square, based as it is on modules of few centimeters.

4. And here we are with the 4th advantage. When you have to physically add up monitor to monitor to reach large formats or special shapes with any other display technologies, LED screens will always be seamless and no bezel, with an outer frame only if you like it to boost contrast and visibility.  The display modularity is also the reason for ease-of-use-and-installation, which makes this technology the ideal solution for mobile and itinerant use, the 5th advantage.

Let’s now talk about the 4 special features of picture quality, that make visual impact of LED displays stunning and unique.

 Powered by high-quality components, LEDs can re-produce a palette of colours superior to any other technology, at an unmatchable refresh rate.

Then you just need to add this to the extra-ordinary brightness (if required, over 10.000 NIT for outdoor and over 1000 NIT for indoor, dimmable down to 255 levels, to adjust to environmental light) and contrast ratio. 10th, last but not least, is a huge advantage that belongs to a different category, Return of the Investment.

LED displays, if installed and utilized properly, can reach 100,000 hours of lifetime, i.e. with a 24/7 use 11 years!

This means, it is more likely to replace a screen for its technological obsolescence (for a new model with more features or higher definition) than for its not-functioning. MacroPix LED displays leverage on the best technology. 


Personalized prices for Outdoor LedWalls. Contact us!

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