The best screen or monitor for shop window

Which technology should you choose for a video application in a shop window?

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Well, if you start from the matter of fact that picture quality must be only High or Ultra Definition there are basically no good alternatives to LCD, in monitor or video wall format. However that product might not be bright enough to be seen behind the glass, if and when there is sunlight or reflection is strong. In these cases LED display option should always be considered. If the size is not big, it will never be possible to reach super resolutions but the impact in terms of visibility, contrast, color sharpness, with the right contents, will be extra-ordinary.

Today it is possible to leverage on 5000 NIT with a pixel pitch distance less than 4 mm, so from few metres of distance from the shop no pixelation will be perceived. With even lower pixel pitches, down to 0.9 mm, brightness drops down a lot but it will still be superior to other technologies available and the vision perfect even from very close distance, from the window itself.

Apart from brightness, the greatest other advantage of LED screens in a shop window is the possibility to cover any surface or space available, being modular and customizable in size, format and aspect ratio starting from LED matrixes and boards of few centimetres.

This will allow you to place in the shop window not only a television or large-format, seamless, video wall but also banners, totems, curved displays or …. no limit to fantasy and imagination! MacroPix is European number 1 supplier of LED displays for shop windows.


Personalized prices for Outdoor LedWalls. Contact us!

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