The importance of visual contents on LED screens

The importance of visual contents on LED screens

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It might be trivial to highlight it again and again but the issue is essentially important; even the best LED screen in the world will look terrible or anyway much worse than it could be if visual content has no quality. With the wide availability of excellent software for content creation/management and the creativity of lots of Graphic Designers around us this should not be a problem today but perhaps for relatively high costs of this part of the job perhaps just for indolence or most likely for lack of knowledge about the peculiarity of LED video technology, often we can see jumbo screens, monitors, totems, banners with low, if any, visual impact.

What resolution should the contents have?

 It is worth spending few minutes on the last subject, the little familiarity with visualization on LED displays.

LEDs, propelled by good quality electronic control systems, are capable of reproducing a palette of colors that is superior to any other video technology in the market, so vivid colors in different shades will be really amazing. The combination of primary colors with large format characters in readable fonts on uniform background will safeguard excellent visibility in any conditions. However the most important thing to remember is the resolution of the file that is to be displayed.

By now all digital signage software can visualise any type of formats on the LED screen, as if it was a PC monitor, so the file extension can be freely chosen based on taste or specific skills, but we should never forget to set the graphic definition of the file (number of horizontal pixels by number of vertical pixels) to the same graphic definition of the screen.


The best solution is always to create special contents with native resolution that is the same as the display, working pixel to pixel. The most common and evident mistake is to use already existing videos, maybe HD, created for other video technologies (like LCD) or media (like television) and scale them down to the LED display or even send them straight to it without any post-production.

Personalized prices for Outdoor LedWalls. Contact us!

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