The resolution of LED displays

The resolution of LED displays

LED technology started to be used for fullcolor video almost 20 years ago, with the introduction of blue LEDs into the market. Since then continuous research and development by LED and display manufacturers have made it possible to launch in the market higher and higher quality models. However for several years the technology, for lack of suitable components and reasons of cost, has not permitted to get the pixels closer, so most of the LED screens installed over the years and used for long (both for duration – up to 100,000 hours of lifetime – and initial heavy investment), have been considered low resolution.

This has lead people to believe that even today LED displays can not offer outstanding perfomance in picture quality. This is totally wrong. In LED video technology, it is all about the distance between LEDs or pixels, i. e. pitch. The closer the pixels, the higher the definition, the closer distance you can see the screen from without pixelation, the less necessary increasing the size just to gain resolution.

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Indoor and outdoor led displays

With the evolution of this technology, models with pixel pitch lower than 1 mm have been made available, making LED a real alternative to other video technologies like LCD, offering the same definition but keeping strong advantages (described soon in a dedicated post).

For outdoor (models that are waterproof and robust, so bright to be visible under direct sunlight) 2.6 mm pixel pitch is now available, making it possible to install screens with good resolution even in a relatively small format. Models with 6 mm pixel pitch, that until a few years ago were considered unique and exclusive, are today of common use and much more affordable than in the past.

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