Aghios is the cutting-edge LED panel

AGHIOS is the cutting-edge LED panel designed by architects Cristian Russo e Marco Pietro Ricci will be officially presented for the first time at SuperStudioPiù during the Milano Design Week 2018 

Even viewed independently, AGHIOS is a work of art in itself. It has revolutionised the way we see LED products, which have, until now that is, traditionally been viewed as something of interest only to people working in that field, but have now become a true icons of communication and lighting design for any organisation that has adopted beauty, innovation and design as its brand philosophy.

AGHIOS is a LED panel that represents state of the art in terms of LED technology: extremely elegant, with great attention to detail, it fits perfectly both in private venues and in public areas. The base module consists of an extremely thin, floor-standing LED panel, just 4cm thick, 7cm wide, a brightness of 400cd/sq.m with built-in audio, and comes in two different heights: 120cm or 240cm. It can be used either as a stand-alone product or multiple AGHIOS panels that can, thanks to the management system software, be placed in different zones or areas and simultaneously project the same image or video to create an extremely sophisticated and striking visual effect. Visit us and discover the beauty of AGHIOS at SuperDesign Show 2018, via Tortona 27, Milano

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