Great Success at Prospective Perspectives

Great Success at Prospective Perspectives Installation at Macropix Booth designed by dArk During Fuori Salone Exhibition in Milan

AGHIOS, single and slim free standing LED Display with super-fine pixel pitch,  has been the point of interest by the crowd.

April 2018- 57th edition of the most important design and furniture lay-out event of the world took place in Milan. The event finished on Sunday 22 April with record attendance. According to the official figures, more than 434,000 visitors – 27% more with respect to last year – attended from 188 countries. The installation at Macropix’s booth with the design provided architects Cristian Russo and Marco Pietro Ricci of dArK Studio was one of the most captivating interest points during the event.

The General Manager of Macropix, Francesco Punis said:
“ As Macropix, we remained very glad of the interest and appraisals of the visitor crowd for the installation of Prospective Perspectives. Together with the architects Christian Russo and Marco Pietro Ricci, we invested a lot of time and resources to realise a creative installation for Fuori Salone. We noted at the press release and from the reactions of the visitors during the event that the crowd experienced the feelings envisioned by the architects. Something that broke with the canons of contemporary visual communication. A concept that could really make it possible to touch with hand to things that are not easy to represent such as “the dialogue between opposites” and “architecture in movement”. The architects of dArK Studio, Cristian Russo and Marco Pietro Ricci helped us to realise this through visual LED communication. “

“We have received appreciated praises from the press, the people from the industry and other exhibitors, authorities and international delegations. We had the pleasure of hosting them at our booth. We are delighted that our message has succeeded in breaking down the barriers and has really reached to everyone “, – said architect Cristian Russo of dArK Studio

“To see that our installation aroused amazement, wonder and sometimes dazzling reactions, the visitors at the exit complimented us for what they had experienced in PROSPECTIVES_PERSPECTIVES, filled us with joy and confirmed to us that, as an Architecture and Design Studio, we are working in the right direction “- explained the architect Marco Pietro Ricci of dArk Studio.

Numerous requests were made for AGHIOS by sector operators, architects, contractors and designers. The brand-new iconic LED display, presented in world premiere for the Fuorisalone and designed for MacroPiX, has attracted a great deal of interest, so much that there are already ongoing negotiations with important end users and project contractors.

“With AGHIOS we wanted to break the traditional canons of modern visual communication. We wanted to replace increasingly large and impressive screens with something totally new and different with very small dimensions, only 7cm depth and 120 cm wide / 240cm high, located in multiple areas or environments, could “literally” follow the visitor and the “Embrace” in your path. A visual communication (video or other) that projected simultaneously on all AGHIOS panels, was perceived by the brain as a single content and not as a fragmented message. We are happy that this message has been fully understood and indeed, many have congratulated us on our intuition and realization. “- have finished Russo and Ricci of dArK Studio: (

AGHIOS is a piece of LED panel that represents the state of the art of LED technology: extremely elegant, with attention to detail. It is perfect both in private and public spaces. The basic cabinets consists of an extremely thin LED display with a depth of 7 cm at brightness of 800cd / sqm. It can be used as a stand-alone product, or can be placed several AGHIOS in different zones or environments. Thanks to management software Omnibus engineered by Macropix, the content can create an extremely sophisticated visual effect with great scenic impact.

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