Screen provided by Macropix for City Life Milano

In the heart of Milan just near skyscrapers, new Shopping District City Life is inaugurated to the residents of the town.citylife2_macropix Former exhibition area has been renovated to serve more than 100 shops. The prestigious project has Macropix LED displays in the main entrance and at the center hall.

The giant LED screen at the entrance is made of Signum-TS8. The total screen size is 84 m2 and specifically selected for this installation for its versatililty and to optimise the power consumption.

It is possible to make any size and format with Signum-TS. It has both front and rear access to the screen for maintenance. The state-of-art design of the product makes its life longer as the electronic components and wiring are placed at a special protective section of the cabinet.

On the other hand, another Macropix LED display is located in City Life at a point where clients are very close to the screen. Therefore Signum-JS4 is supplied by Macropix for the project. An outdoor product with 4mm pixel pitch, which guarantees high definition screen resolution at very less visibility of LED lamps to the human eye.

15 square meter screen exposed to visitors, has 5500 nit brigtness which can be modified automatically according to users’ presets thanks to Omnibus digital signage software and brigtness setting software Curator both made by Macropix .

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